How to create a Tasker task for DGT Task Manager

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Assumed that you are familiar with the Tasker app the following information are about how to setup a new task with the desired filter.

Remark: The same task can be used to start DGT GTD and/or apply the filter to the DGT GTD Home Widget.

Add a new task/action: New Action > Misc > Send intent

Required parameters

Parameter Value
Action: com.dg.gtd.LOCATOR_FILTER
Data: filter://?<context>&<tag>&<status>&<folder>&<goal>
Extra: gtd.APP:true
Extra: gtd.launch.APP:true
Extra: gtd.WIDGET:true
Extra: gtd.REMINDER:true
Target: Broadcast receiver

Extra parameters

You have to specify at least one "Extra" but feel free to add as many as you need separated by a comma.

  • gtd.APP will apply the filter to the DGT GTD app
  • gtd.launch.APP will apply the filter and launch the app
  • gtd.WIDGET will apply the filter to the widget
  • gtd.REMINDER will display a notification and the filter is applied as soon as you tap the notification; you can use it as location reminder


Filter setup