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Projects are a grouping of processed items; next actions, tasks and/or subtasks, that share a common goal through a bottom up approach. For example "Buy a new lawnmower" could be a project, with next actions and tasks of:

  • Check online for reviews (@computer)
  • Inspect floor models (@errands)
  • Call bank for inquiry on small loan approval (@calls)
  • Talk with Joe on Friday about borrowing truck to pick up mower on Sunday (@agenda)
  • Lawnmower pickup Sunday at 1:30pm (this could be a hardline item that would be scheduled on the calendar, or [@errands])

Once all items for a project have been checked off then the project would be completed.

How to create a project with subtasks

Tap the "Add task" icon (+) in the header and choose "Project" as task type.


Now set the other attributes: project name, due date, ...


Select the Back or Save button and you'll be taken to the Project main view.


In this view, when you create tasks using the "add task" or "quick add task" buttons, you'll be creating subtasks for this project.

Let's go ahead and add a couple of subtasks.