DGT GTD Changelog

Saturday, 15 February 2014 00:00 dgtale

Upcoming features:

May 3rd, 2013: The Beta version implementation is started and ongoing; because of that, new features implementation in the Alpha version is slowing down.

alpha 0.1.1 (06 Dec 2014)

alpha 0.1.0 (23 Nov 2014)

alpha 0.0.99 (24 Jul 2014)

alpha 0.0.98 (16 Jul 2014)

alpha 0.0.97 (12 Jul 2014)

alpha 0.0.96 (04 May 2014)

alpha 0.0.95 (04 Apr 2014)

alpha 0.0.94 (1 Mar 2014)

alpha 0.0.93 (16 Feb 2014)

alpha 0.0.92 (03 Jan 2014)

alpha 0.0.91 (10 Nov 2013)

alpha 0.0.90 (05 Oct 2013)

alpha 0.0.89 (29 Sep 2013)

alpha 0.0.88 (08 Sep 2013)

alpha 0.0.87 (13 Aug 2013)

alpha 0.0.86 (06 Jul 2013)

alpha 0.0.85 (15 Jun 2013)

alpha 0.0.84 (25 May 2013)

alpha 0.0.83 (5 May 2013)

alpha 0.0.82 (27 March 2013)

alpha 0.0.81 (03 March 2013)

alpha 0.0.80 (24 February 2013)

Advice: install Bluestacks to use DGT GTD on your PC and sync the updated tasks with your devices (copy&paste from PC to DGT GTD is supported by Bluestacks)

alpha 0.0.79 (13 January 2013)

alpha 0.0.78 (9 December 2012)

alpha 0.0.77 (25 November 2012)

alpha 0.0.76 (18 November 2012)

alpha 0.0.75 (28 October 2012)

alpha 0.0.74 (14 October 2012)

  1. Bulk update (move): remove tags
  2. Bulk update (schedule): set/remove due time
  3. Bulk update (schedule): duration/length
  4. New "Hide until" options (1 month, 2 months, ...) like in Toodledo
  5. Widget font size > 20
  6. Task list "Sharing" feature makes use of the current filter, the "Hide until" and the "Hide completed" option
  7. Shortcuts to notebooks (long-click on the notebook list)
  8. Shortcuts to active alarms, recently created and recently modified
  9. New preference option to force the automatic reminder when creating a new task from the Inbox list
  10. When you edit a task from a reminder and change it to a project then save it takes you to the project's task list
  11. Fix: alarm is not set when changed from the predefined options to "Date and Time..." (reported by Attila)
  12. Fix: when first day of week is "Sunday" then the "day wheel" misbehaves (reported by Gerry)

alpha 0.0.73 (23 September 2012)

  1. Daily backup schedule (Utilities > Menu > Backup Settings)
  2. Removed "Hide subtasks" menu option from "Starred" and "Inbox" task lists
  3. New tasks created from "Inbox" task list don't inherit active filter criteria any longer
  4. Fix: Some bulk update operations don't mark tasks ready for synch, and don't change the parent projects due date (reported by Steve)
  5. Fix: Delete on cascade confirmation message reports a wrong number of subtasks (reported by Mark)
  6. Fix: New tasks created from the Goals view don't inherit the selected goal
  7. Fix: Sometime the "contact" task title gets changed with messed up text (reported by Graham)

alpha 0.0.72 (9 September 2012)

  1. Option for automatically moving checked off items to the bottom of the check list
  2. Fix: Screen flickering on ICS and Jelly Bean

alpha 0.0.71 (25 August 2012)

  1. Bulk update: assign priority, add tags
  2. Filters are now applied also to "Active alarms", "Recently added" and "Recently modified" lists
  3. Cancel the reminder notification from the notification bar when a task is deleted, completed or its due time is changed
  4. Task title changes automatically according to the chosen "contact" task type
  5. Minor changes
  6. Translation updates

alpha 0.0.70fix3

  1. fix: Folder list is not refreshed after a synchronization or restore
  2. FC when filter is clicked in Notebook
  3. Chinese translation fix (causing FC)

alpha 0.0.70

  1. Backup to Dropbox
  2. Preparation for Dropbox synchronization
  3. Notebook filter (Menu option)
  4. Long click on a list item (eg. a task, a project, a checklist) to create a shortcut on the home screen
  5. Translation updates
  6. Fix: "Hide until" not working properly in Hotlist when "Hide subtasks" is enabled (reported by lethargiclown)
  7. Fix: when a Tag is renamed it's not propagated to Toodledo (reported by New Daddy)
  8. Fix: Home widget icon alignment

alpha 0.0.69fix

  1. Parent breadcrumb is visible in the reminder dialog
  2. Fix: wrong status pre-set when Context filter is active

alpha 0.0.69

  1. Option in filter screens to enable/disable multiple selection (Status, Context and Tag screens)
  2. Fix: Inheriting project attributes (reported by aslam)
  3. Fix: errors on some device model while synching

alpha 0.0.68

  1. New in home-widget: widget title
  2. New in home-widget: Star as filter criteria
  3. New option for deletion confirmation
  4. Contexts filter enhanced: multiple contexts can be provided as filter criteria
  5. Fix: Shortcuts inconsistent BACK button behavior (reported by xmas), you have to delete and create the shortcuts again

alpha 0.0.67fix

  1. force close when trying to open/add a note on tablets

alpha 0.0.67

  1. Hidden folders and goals can be filtered out from selection dialogs in the task detail and bulk update
  2. New option to enable/disable experimental support for basic HTML markers for task notes
  3. New option to enable/disable searching for completed tasks
  4. Translation updates
  5. Fix: attempt to fix the flickering issue

alpha 0.0.66

  1. Notifications wake-screen (Settings>General>Alarm settings)
  2. Support for basic HTML markers in Notes
  3. Quick-add buttons in app are more responsive
  4. Customizable background for task list home-widget
  5. When you open the hotlist using the widget icon, Back will quit
  6. Fix: (Bulk update) completed items became marked uncompleted by moving them to a checklist (reported by Marcus)
  7. Fix: completion suggestions were hidden in landscape mode

alpha 0.0.65

  1. New repeat option, e.g.: every 2nd Sunday every 2,3,4... months
  2. Logical operator "AND/OR" for Hotlist filter criteria
  3. New lists: active alarms, recently added, recently modified
  4. Reduced min. font size in widget (from 14 to 12)
  5. "Home" button always returns the user to the Home screen also when coming from shortcuts and home widgets
  6. Restore file list is now sorted in descending order
  7. Quick-add shortcut: the "+" button can be used to close the widget
  8. Quick-add invocation by long pressing the device search button
  9. Translation updates
  10. Fix: recurring projects with subtasks get messed up in Toodledo after a couple of completions (reported by Tariq)
  11. Fix: FC while completing recurring tasks "from completion"

alpha 0.0.64

  1. Automatic backup purging (new option under Settings > General > Backup)
  2. Automatic backup enabled for background synchronizations (Automatic Synch.)
  3. Bulk update: move to checklist
  4. Bulk update: move out of project/checklist
  5. Bulk update: assign to status, context, goal
  6. Insistent alarms (new option under Settings > General > Alarms)
  7. Long-click related functionality on "Search" results list (Share, Clone, ...)
  8. Fix: FC completing a task from search results when "Confirm completion from task list" is enabled
  9. Fix: wrong filter applied in "No folder" task list
  10. Translation updates

alpha 0.0.63

  1. Fix: not scrollable Notebook folders
  2. Fix: icons not properly refreshed in scrolling widget (reported by DISk)

alpha 0.0.62

  1. Move to project/checklist dialog now shows the parent breadcrumb
  2. New option for 3rd party widget provider: apply current filter (mreiner)
  3. Minor changes and bug fix
  4. Translation updates

alpha 0.0.61

  1. Shortcut for quick-add task
  2. New task type: return call, choose a missed call from call log
  3. New option to show duration/length in task list
  4. New options to confirm alarm dismissal and task completion
  5. Swipe gesture detection improved for some device
  6. Fix: Reminder at a specific time is not fired (reported by Maurizio)
  7. Fix: alphabetical order based on localized preferences (i.e. current language's alphabet and conventions)
  8. Fix: recurring tasks on weekends
  9. Fix: search function now excludes deleted tasks (reported by sudhir)
  10. Translation updates

alpha 0.0.60

  1. SQL statement caching optimization
  2. Bug fix (Goals: exclude it self from the "Contributes to" list

alpha 0.0.59

  1. New: optional breadcrumb path visible in task detail and tasklist
  2. New: optional navigation bar in task detail screen to browse tasks of list
  3. New: task list group headers ("7-14 days", "15-30 days")
  4. Task length/duration part 2: editing enabled
  5. Goals part 2: edit "period of time" and "contributes to"
  6. Scrollable and resizable home widget 2x1 with big and small icons (for Honeycomb and ICS)
  7. Translation updates
  8. Bug fix

alpha 0.0.58

  1. New: Scrollable and resizable home widget for Android 3.x and 4 (Honeycomb and ICS)
  2. New: Task length/duration (part 1: read-only mode)
  3. New: Goals (part 1: basic functionality)
  4. "Hide completed tasks" switch available in task list menu
  5. The "Folder" word replaces "List" to identify user created folders (like in Toodledo)
  6. Folders view moved to the left of the dashboard (slide from left to right)
  7. New lists on dashboard (goals list placed to right screen)
  8. Reduced memory usage during backup/restore (added JSON indentation)
  9. Option to synch completed tasks at first synch or by merging
  10. Next occurrence for recurring tasks "from due date" slightly changed, now it can occur in the past
  11. Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Russian translation updates
  12. Bug fix

alpha 0.0.57

  1. Bulk update (Part 3: Move to list, move to project)
  2. New task list option: "Show status"
  3. Timestamp button is now available in note editing
  4. Horizontal page control visible in the header
  5. Italian translation updates
  6. Fix: Repeating task "With Parent" not properly handled after task completion (reported by Steve)
  7. Fix: Repeating task deletes additional notes when the task is marked completed (Reported by Brandon)

alpha 0.0.56

  1. Fix: Tablet FC by opening the notebook

alpha 0.0.55

  1. Bulk update (Part 2: star)
  2. Tasks created in a project inherit list, context and tags from the project (new task setting options enabled by default). Tasks moved into a project are not yet managed with this option
  3. Option to see exact time in task list (enabled by default)
  4. Home widget: text alignment if the due date is not set (widget option)
  5. Bug fix

alpha 0.0.54

  1. Share lists and projects/checklists with subitems
  2. Fix: Repeat with parent was disappeared from the options (reported by Steve)
  3. Fix: Floating tasks are moved forwards overnight but they are not flagged to be propagated to Toodledo
  4. Fix: Bulk schedule sets the due time to 0:00 when task has a due time set (reported by Reiner)

alpha 0.0.53

  1. Bulk update (Part 1: schedule, delete)
  2. Task titles no longer truncated in task detail and task list
  3. Reset Help notifications (Generic Preference)

alpha 0.0.52

  1. Resizable font size for home widgets
  2. Added "Switch to Checklist" option in "Move to Checklist" dialog
  3. LED notification color preference
  4. Small changes to Dark theme
  5. Fix: Soft-keyboard in landscape mode (reported by Nicholas)
  6. Fix: Priority sorting (reported by Artyom), tasks are now sorted by Due date > Next Action > Priority > Star > Status

alpha 0.0.51
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  1. Dark theme
  2. Fixed: FC on tablets in landscape mode

alpha 0.0.50

  1. Home screen shortcuts to lists (folders)
  2. Fixed: FC on small tablets in landscape mode

alpha 0.0.49

  1. Confirm message losing Notebook changes on tablet
  2. Notebook sharing
  3. Fixed: FC after sync. on some devices (error: SQLiteDatabase.dbopen())

alpha 0.0.48

  1. Notebook (synchronization with Toodledo included in DGT GTD Toodledo plugin)
  2. "Automatic backup before sync" option moved from Preferences to Utility view
  3. Option to dial directly from notification dialog

alpha 0.0.47

  1. Advanced repeating options (Wiki page: see Format 1, 2 and 3)
  2. Use Toodledo "Hide Future Tasks" option to set DGT GTD "Hide until" on each changed task

alpha 0.0.46
(Last manual and automatic time stamps disappear after this installation, they will appear again after the next manual or automatic synch.)

  1. Widget 4x3
  2. Disable vibrate and sound for notifications when you are in a call (READ_PHONE_STATE permission required)
  3. Added Swedish language (thanks to David J. and Janne E.)
  4. Added Polish language (thanks to Kamil)
  5. Fix in Hotlist: projects without a due date were listed even if "hide subtasks" was turned off (reported by xoyk)
  6. Fix in repeating checklist when all the items are checked off (reported by Jane)
  7. Fix in hide until: it only works the second time (reported by heechee)

alpha 0.0.45

  1. "Floating flag" and "Hide until" are saved in Toodledo; two devices can sync having Floating/Hide data updated even if they are not supported by Toodledo
  2. Fix: defect in "Hide task until" in combination with "Repeat" options after task completion (reported by leo_t)

alpha 0.0.44

  1. new Repeat option: business days
  2. "Hide task until" now supports "from start date"
  3. Translations fix

alpha 0.0.43fix

  1. FC fixed
  2. Task title supports auto-link on phone numbers (only in task detail view)
  3. Last Manual sync and last auto sync date have different labels

alpha 0.0.43

  1. Hide task until a defined date (available in task detail, menu option available in task list)
  2. Force ignore alarms (useful if DGT GTD is installed on several devices sharing the same task list)
  3. Swipe the task detail view to flip between task views (not available in checklist item view)
  4. Option for alarm to vibrate only when in silent mode instead of always or never
  5. Move item out of checklist, move to other checklists/projects is now possible
  6. Fix: deleting checklist item from detail view is now active
  7. Fix: translations
  8. Added French language (thanks to jean-claude)
  9. Added Hungarian language (thanks to Adam)

alpha 0.0.42

  1. German translation improvements (thanks to Michael and Robert)
  2. Added Spanish language (thanks to miguelns)
  3. Added Danish language (thanks to Frank H.)
  4. Added Italian language (thanks to Stefano F.)

alpha 0.0.41

  1. Minor changes
  2. Added German language (thanks to Michael H.)
  3. Fix: after a Tag deletion, the tag flag was still visible in the task list

alpha 0.0.40fix2

  1. Nagging alarm bug fixed

alpha 0.0.40

  1. Language selection option
  2. Improved reminders for this idea
  3. Repeating tasks adjust start date
  4. Home widget: added folder, context and tag filters
  5. Tag filter options: added AND-OR operators

alpha 0.0.39

Will you please verify your preferences after installation, they might have been reset to default.

  1. Pure Widget integration through DGT GTD Pure plugin
  2. Hotlist preferences: set your preferred filter values (priority, days, star, next action)
  3. Home widget: added 'quick add' icon
  4. Home widget: added preference to use the new "Hot list" settings
  5. Quick access to calendar tapping the date in task list; added 'immediate save' option in Date settings (Reiner B. idea)
  6. Re-enabled the 'immediate refresh' option in task list; fixed the bug that forced me to disable this option
  7. Enabled Starred & Note field for items in Check List (alix idea)
  8. No longer retype your search criteria, search results view remains available if you choose the wrong task and press 'back'(Reiner B. idea)
  9. Added option to activate "Start date & time"
  10. Added new repeat option: "with parent"
  11. Enabled functionality to repeat "from due date" and "from completion date"
  12. Checked off items in repeating check list are now repeated (reported by Richard K.)
  13. Added Korean language (thanks to sabug)
  14. Added Czech language (thanks to Pavel V.)
  15. Added Portuguese Brazil language (thanks to Polis)
  16. Added Russian language (thanks to Pavel S.)
  17. Fix: during a quick-task creation the task title is now kept while rotating the screen
  18. Fix: by deleting a subtask the project due date is now updated and displayed correctly in task list (reported by Maurizio B.)
  19. Fix: FC when trying to access reminder's date & time picker
  20. Fix: scheduled alarms (for reminders with date & time) are not removed after reminder removal (reported by Bryan C.)

alpha 0.0.38

  1. Home widget: display tasks without a due date
  2. Home widget: color preferences for dates and for "next action" task title
  3. Floating tasks fix: alarm not triggered after resetting for the next day (thanks Doug for reporting this issue)

alpha 0.0.37

  1. Improved home widget responsiveness

alpha 0.0.36fix

  1. App Widget fix, Task Killer apps which people use might be killing the widget update service
  2. If FC persists, do a backup, uninstall, install again and don't force-move to sdcard!
  3. Warning for Toodledo users: please read this

alpha 0.0.36

  1. App Widget 4x1, 4x2, 4x4 (scrolling not yet available)
  2. Auto due date in hotlist reactivated, added new option to disable it
  3. minor changes/improvements
  4. FC fixed exiting from a checklist opened by the reminder notification dialog

alpha 0.0.35/fix

  1. Tasks due today (without a due time) are no longer considered in the overdue count (dates set with earlier versions might be still considered by the overdue counter until you change it using the new version)
  2. FC fixed exiting from a checklist opened by the reminder notification dialog

alpha 0.0.34

  1. Floating task: long press on "Due date" to enable/disable floating task feature (reboot after installation required)
  2. Recurring tasks: [reworked] once marked completed the due-date is moved forward by the specified time (and a copy of the task is marked as completed)
  3. Recurring tasks: "Repeat" no longer subordinated to due-date & remind
  4. Reminders: can be set to a specific date and time
  5. Hotlist: when a new task is created in hotlist, the due-date is no longer set automatically
  6. Vibrate option
  7. Optional nagging alarms remind you again if you don't hear the sound or feel the vibration
  8. fix: FC when pressing back in a check list after having toggled from Project to Check list
  9. fix: 6 and 12 hrs reminders were displayed as "None"
  10. fix: children counter increased after each restore
  11. fix: widget icon opens the last view escaped using the "Home" device-btn
  12. fix: snooze time list for reminders

alpha 0.0.33

  1. bug fix: last sync date not updated immediately after sync
  2. bug fix: FC pressing back in task info view (only in case of new tasks)

alpha 0.0.31

  1. New task types: Call, Email, SMS (basic functionality)
  2. Task properties/info view (new menu item in task detail)
  3. "Hide subtask" reworked for custom lists
  4. Priority default set to "Low" instead of "negative"
  5. bug fix in drag&drop: sometime the item changes the name while moving

alpha 0.0.30

  1. Re-order checklist items (drag&drop)
  2. Installation allowed only on device to prevent performance issues and sync inconsistencies
  3. Small bug fix
  4. "Full Synchronization" temporarily removed

alpha 0.0.29

  1. Auto Sync. configurable interval
  2. Full Synchronization

alpha 0.0.28

  1. Inbox rules changed
  2. Fix: Check an item and then scroll - check disappears
  3. Fix: Widget update after sync/restore/reset

alpha 0.0.27

  1. Widget icon shows number of hot tasks
  2. Task tags are now visible in task list (new option to show/hide tags)
  3. Task title no longer truncated in task list (text wrapped)
  4. "Share" option in task list now shares all task details, including additional notes
  5. Added "Show/Hide" subtasks menu option in task list
  6. Added "Delete" menu option in "Completed" list
  7. "Next action" tasks are decorated with green ink

alpha 0.0.26

  1. Additional Notes in task detail (these notes are not sync.ed)
  2. New preference options for additional notes
  3. Fix: prevention of recursive relations between projects

alpha 0.0.25

  1. DGT GTD available as share option in other applications
  2. Note with autolink on

alpha 0.0.24

  1. Added 'Top' priority
  2. Share a task long pressing on task list
  3. Reminder auto activation
  4. Filter bar visible also on dashboard; swipe from left to right to remove the filter
  5. Filter selection view (Status, Context, Tag) enriched with counters
  6. Active filters control the dashboard count values
  7. New date format yyyy-MM-dd (ISO-8601) for Swedish users
  8. Added new reminder values: 6 and 12 hours
  9. Fix: 'Duplicated' message while changing the status and context color
  10. Fix: Timezone issue with Toodledo

alpha 0.0.23

  1. Full sync. with Toodledo
  2. Automatic backup before resetting the database

alpha 0.0.22fix

  1. Default folders are no longer created after each update
  2. Fix: alarms re-enabled

alpha 0.0.22

  1. Default folders are no longer created after each update
  2. 'Home' button
  3. Sync Contexts with Toodledo
  4. Automatic backup option when sync invoked

alpha 0.0.21fix

  1. FC when adding new Tags (thx Tim)

alpha 0.0.21

  1. Sync Folders (only) with Toodledo
  2. Checklist items are no longer visible in the main list even if 'Hide Subtask' is unchecked

alpha 0.0.20fix & fix2

  1. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience
    Bug fix: New tasks visible in the INBOX

alpha 0.0.20

  1. Toodledo synch pre-installation
  2. New option to enable the voice recognition button beside the 'quick-task' input text
  3. New tasks inherit the active filters values by default
  4. Swipe left to right over the filter notification bar in order to remove the active filters
  5. Search dialog improved: recent search criteria are now stored
  6. Fix: items of a checklist are always visible regardless of the active filter

alpha 0.0.19

  1. Recurring events (Basic functionality)
  2. Complete a task from task detail
  3. Completed tasks are now grouped if "Hide completed task" option is disabled
  4. New "Immediate refresh" option for task list
  5. Change notification sound
  6. "Edit" button in Context list dialog (from Task detail)
  7. The database can be reset to the initial state (all data will be deleted)
  8. Added link to "Suggestions" site (in Preferences view)
  9. Backup file is now well formed
  10. Fix checked/unchecked minor issues in task list (e.g. icon while scrolling, project counter)

alpha 0.0.18

  1. New Task list option: Show/Hide "Completed" tasks in list view
  2. "Completed" list ordered by descending completion date (recently completed task on top)
  3. "Search" retrieves also completed tasks
  4. Alert dialog reworked, "Snooze" button lets you chose among options, added "Complete" button
  5. Context menu fixed in task list (some options are not applicable on checklist items)
  6. FC in task detail fixed

alpha 0.0.17

  1. "Status", "Context" and "Tag" filters improved: subtasks are now reachable
  2. Clone task, project and its subtasks, checklist and its items from tasklist
  3. Scrolling enabled for Context and Tag edit view
  4. Bug fix (checklist item type reset, cheklist item deletion FC from completed list, checklist due date got lost)

alpha 0.0.16fix

  1. Alarms restored after reboot

alpha 0.0.16:

  1. Tag editing button in Tag list dialog (from task detail)
  2. Calendar header fixed
  3. FC due to Android Issue 6191 (ViewFlipper crash) fixed with workaround

alpha 0.0.15:

  1. "Status" attribute available to better support GTD discipline

alpha 0.0.14:

  1. Search task available also as global search

alpha 0.0.13:

  1. Calendar with option for first day of the week
  2. Switch to Project from task detail
  3. now INBOX contains tasks that: are not completed, are not assigned to any list, are not subtasks
  4. Slightly enlarged task list fonts
  5. Option to set max visible comment rows in "Task settings"
  6. Alarm/Notification fix (triggered even after reminder removal)
  7. Minor bug fixes
  8. Color picker from OpenIntent required (direct download from Market or Web available)

alpha 0.0.12:

  1. Check on project/checklist will complete subtasks on cascade
  2. Move task to Project/Checklist and move out of Project (from task detail view)
  3. Subtasks now visible in "Starred" list, they can be identified by a new hierarchy icon

alpha 0.0.11fix:

  1. Restore Tags (contexts were restored into tags)

alpha 0.0.11:

  1. Tags management
  2. Subtask due date propagated to parent task
  3. Alarm dialog: date and time formatted according to the preference options
  4. Slightly enlarged fonts here and there
  5. Project/checklist counters update triggered after add/delete subtask

alpha 0.0.10fix:

  1. Restore FC fix
  2. Delete task FC fix

alpha 0.0.10:

  1. Counters for Project/Checklist
  2. Comment max height set to 4 lines

alpha 0.0.9:

  1. Projects/Checklists management

alpha 0.0.8fix:

  1. minor fix in task list

alpha 0.0.8:

  1. Context and list/folder name visible in task list
  2. Activated options for list/context
  3. 'Hotlist' includes yesterday/today/tomorrow
  4. Added counters for overdue tasks
  5. List views replaced by system dialogs
  6. Added Backup/Restore progress dialog
  7. Sorted restore file list

alpha 0.0.7:

  1. Context management
  2. Task lists filtered by context
  3. minor UI changes
  4. new options (disabled)

alpha 0.0.6:

  1. Buttons animation
  2. Clear text button in 'Quick add' edit text
  3. Changelog, Donate, Contact me from Preferences view

alpha 0.0.5:

  1. 'Quick add' creates tasks in the actual list
  2. minor changes (db, style)

alpha 0.0.4:

  1. Add/Edit custom lists

alpha 0.0.3:

  1. Task list group headers
  2. Date & Time format pref.
  3. Priority enabled
  4. Preferences view
  5. Changelog (this dialog)

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