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DGT GTD Changelog

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Upcoming features:

  • Beta version (brand new app, refactored UI, Tablet support, customizations, ...)

May 3rd, 2013: The Beta version implementation is started and ongoing; because of that, new features implementation in the Alpha version is slowing down.

alpha 0.1.1 (06 Dec 2014)

  • Fix: Reminders dialog opens the app in the background (reported by Robert)
  • When DGT GTD is stopped by the user, by a task killer app or by the advanced power saver options, all scheduled alarms are cancelled. Workaround: re-schedule the alarms at next app start

alpha 0.1.0 (23 Nov 2014)

  • (only for Toodledo users) Archived folders are now hidden in the Folders list. Changing the Folders visibility in DGT GTD implies the archiving in Toodledo
  • Fix: Due date is not set creating a new task from "Today" tasklist
  • Fix: Start date of recurring events from completion date (reported by Isaac)

alpha 0.0.99 (24 Jul 2014)

  • Fix backup failure on KitKat devices: backups are now forced to store files in the internal storage due to sdcard support changes in KitKat; backups on external SDCARD are still supported on devices with JB or lower versions.
  • Other storage improvements
  • Preparation for exporting data to the beta version

alpha 0.0.98 (16 Jul 2014)

  • Fix: Hyperlinks are underlined but don't react when clicked
  • Fix: it might crash when sharing from other apps
  • New notification message in case of backup crash; users can decide to submit the crash report by email contributing in improving the backup process

alpha 0.0.97 (12 Jul 2014)

  • Remember "Today" checkbox flag in Quick-add widget
  • "Today" checkbox flag in Quick-add now sets the time to "00:00" (it was "12:00")
  • Avoid empty task title when sharing contents with DGT GTD
  • Automatic old backup file purging enabled by default
  • fix Background sync to Toodledo or backup to Dropbox crash on JB or higher Android versions

alpha 0.0.96 (04 May 2014)

  • Quick-add dialog has a new checkbox: "Due today"
  • Fix: Quick-add dialog max lines set to avoid layout misbehaviors (long text can be scrolled)
  • Translation updates

alpha 0.0.95 (04 Apr 2014)

  • Bug fix: force close on some devices by clicking "No Folder" and other lists
  • Small improvement for "Note to self"

alpha 0.0.94 (1 Mar 2014)

  • Showing task priority color in the reminder dialog
  • Google Now support (Note To Self)
  • Fix: Missed calls tasks are not created on some device under Android KitKat 4.4
  • Fix: Send intent from Llama/Tasker action when filter has no match

alpha 0.0.93 (16 Feb 2014)

  • Added "Today" task list
  • evernote:// links are now supported
  • yinxiang.com shared links for Chinese version of Evernote are now supported

alpha 0.0.92 (03 Jan 2014)

  • Clicking on a project or checklist in Pure Widget, DGT GTD starts showing its subtasks
  • Notebook filter criteria: min. 2 characters required changed from 3 to 2
Last Updated on Saturday, 06 December 2014 12:08