Alarms don't go off / Floating events are not moved forwards

Alarms don't go off / Floating events are not moved forwards

Postby dgtale » Fri 3. Jan 2014, 20:31

Just some hint from my side:

Restart / Reboot your device (somethimes this does the trick)

Some devices have an advanced Power saving mode that increases the standby time by reducing the background activities when the phone is in standby mode (eg: Sony phones have Extended standby mode). Check whether the power saving mode might be the cause of some misbehavior (check the phone manual) and add DGT GTD to the "Whitelist".

3. (Alarms only)
Go to device Settings > Application manager > DGT GTD; the "Show notifications"; this option must be checked (enabled)

4. (Alarms only)
Go to DGT GTD Settings > General > Alarm Settings > Enable alarms

You have to know that the Android system has its own memory manager that works well, therefore you don't need to install any "Task manager" or "Task killer" or whatever app that claims to free up memory on your phone. If you have one of those app installed on your phone and you really want to keep it, then be sure to add DGT GTD to the "Whitelist".

Some devices have an advanced and aggressive power saving option that will kill applications when the phone screen goes idle.
Additionally, recent versions of Android have the "Battery optimization" options that can be disabled on individual app.

If none of the above actions solve the problem then you can try to re-install the app:
a) Backup our DGT GTD data using the built-in backup feature
b) Uninstall DGT GTD
c) Reboot the device
d) Install from the Playstore
e) Restore the backup file
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