Who is testing using Bluestacks

Who is testing using Bluestacks

Postby dgtale » Tue 12. Feb 2013, 23:28

Dear testers,
I personally use also Bluestacks to test the Dropbox synchronization and I like it a lot.
The synchronization runs so fast, DGT GTD reminders are notified with Windows balloon tips, you can copy & paste from windwos to DGT GTD (ctrl+c in windows and long-tap+paste in DGT GTD). Ok, the tablet layout of DGT GTD is still missing but I think it can be used on a desktop pc with a general satisfaction.
Please share your experience if you are using Bluestacks.
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Re: Who is testing using Bluestacks

Postby harningt » Tue 12. Feb 2013, 23:55

I tested early on with Bluestacks for a Windows machine, however most of my DGT GTD sync experience is with my phone and the standard 4.2 Android emulator running on Linux.

The main items lacking using the emulator are cut/paste and notification balloons... but having a notification sound works just fine to alert me to take a look at the emulator running DGT always-on-top.
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Re: Who is testing using Bluestacks

Postby tomassan » Wed 13. Feb 2013, 09:14

I've tested Bluestacks at home and at work. At work the program is a no-go since it does not support proxies yet. Otherwise it works OK, there are some issues of the "what on earth is going on" level, but it is usable on my home computer. But, since I have my tablet at home and not at work, my idea of using DGT GTD from work is not possible. Not a big deal, I run ThinkingRock at work for work related project management, I just wanted to be able to throw stuff to the inbox from work. (An idea perhaps, a small windows app that can add stuff to the DGT GTD inbox stored on DropBox?)

I've had some issues with the app store, not finding some apps I wanted to test. There is no web browser. But one can always download apks using the Windows browser and simply double-click them to have them installed in Bluestacks.

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Re: Who is testing using Bluestacks

Postby lexaa » Mon 25. Feb 2013, 09:38

Bluestacks have a bug for multilingual input. It's all OK when using only English. But I cannot switch to Russian. When I switch my keyboard emulator still in English. Russian letters can be written from on-screen keyboard with the mouse, but it's hard work. I think it's bug in Bluestacks, so DGT shouldn't be aware.
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