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Can Projects be copied?

PostPosted: Wed 8. Nov 2017, 17:39
by StrayCat

One of my business operations involves a repeatable sequence of steps that must be done for each project. The nature of the steps (tasks) is always the same. I'll refrain from more detail until asked.

Is there a way to create a project with all the steps (tasks or checklist items) and then make a complete copy that I can then simply change the title of?

Thank you,


P.S. I searched the forum with no luck.

Re: Can Projects be copied?

PostPosted: Fri 10. Nov 2017, 01:07
by StrayCat
Apologies, apparently I didn't long-press on a project title while it was in a list the first time.

I see that dgtale has included "clone" with a number of other useful functions in the long-press of a title, but you must do it while looking at the title in a list.