Syncing - have i understood this correctly?

Syncing - have i understood this correctly?

Postby LloydG » Mon 29. Feb 2016, 21:09

Can someone please confirm I’ve understood this correctly…

There is no automatic sync built into dgt gtd (as there is for the backup) instead you have to knock something together using Llama or Tasker.

So assuming I don’t want any automatic sync the only way I can run a sync in the app is to manually run the “Synchronize now!”.

Now here’s the bit I’m a little unclear on, my sync.service is currently set to dropbox, I set all this up months ago and don’t remember how I got to this point. I have no need of syncing, and just to be pedantic I would like to remove any sync configuration I have which isn’t required (even though it wont do anything unless I manually run it). I don’t want to unlink from dropbox in the sync configuration as that appears to unlink dropbox from the backup configuration also, which I want to keep.

So at this point I’m thinking there should be a checkbox that I have to select to allow syncing, which I can unselect, or I should be able to unlink from dropbox for the purpose of syncing but not for backups. Am I missing something or is it the idea that there is no need to remove the config since it wont do anything unless you manually run it anyhow?

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Re: Syncing - have i understood this correctly?

Postby dgtale » Tue 1. Mar 2016, 09:48

sync and backup can run independently.

How to backup to dropbox (without synch), be aware that backup can be scheduled

You can't remove the synchronization settings, as you said nothing happens unless you press the "Synch now" button.
If you want to reset the settings then you have to backup your data and clean the app data (via Android settings).
If you don't know how to clean the app data then you have to backup > uninstall > install.

Hope that can help you.
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