open DTD GTD sync API

open DTD GTD sync API

Postby cgava » Sat 3. Oct 2015, 17:22


I would like to develop another sync module (I still have toodledo, but the limitation of task hierarchy greatly limits the possibility of integrating with professional lifecyle management application). So, I put (again) the idea of opening (at least part of) the source code of dtd gtd or, in my case, toodledo sync plugin.

Regarding the feature request about openess : ... -to-move-f, and

I share both point of view. It's true that putting more people coding does not necessaily mean better software. On the other hand, methods and tools to manage open source developpment, with many people around the world, are not new. Well know forges systems (redmine, tuleap, fursion forge) have introduced interessant tooling and basic process to avoid anarchy on project (git scm, gerrit and CI app have enabled this). I perfectly understand the reservations of the author of DGT GTD, and his desire to keep the development at the rate he choses to. But succesfull history have shown that, with good basis, the story can go far (when one know that Linus Torvald is still the one who decides to create new version of linux kernel, then one should be confident in the fact that author of open source applications can still have an hand on their creation even after opening them).

I can help for setting up this basis (license, submission process, etc, etc) to enable the creation of a community and the required infrastructure, to enable collaborative development of DGT GTD. The first fact is that, before developping any new feature, the people willing to contribute will have to put effort on the development infrastructure to insure a successfull transition to openess.

At least, if the sync API could be opened, this would enable me to interface this great app with somethin else than toodledo.

Thank you for your attention
best regards
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Re: open DTD GTD sync API

Postby dgtale » Sun 4. Oct 2015, 10:08

did you try DGT SODA beta yet? ... 6281691890
I would prefer to apply your suggested approach with that or even better I'd suggest to start implementing a new open source app based on the DGT SODA concept and data model. Unfortunately SODA is still based on HOLO design.
Will you please give DGT SODA a try and let me know your feedback. Be aware that the learning curve could be an issue for rookie users.
Kind regards
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Re: open DTD GTD sync API

Postby cgava » Sun 4. Oct 2015, 10:24

Thank you for your answer

I'll take a look at it

Best regards
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