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Hello everybody,
I see that I can use folders for notes and actions. I am not sure yet how to use them best. How do you use folders? I would love to learn from you.
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Re: Folders

Postby fdr28 » Sun 9. Nov 2014, 20:00

Hi brulla,
I wondered the same question until I started using Toodledo together with DGT.
Toodledo does not have projects, which are part of the GTD concept. DGT has both Projects and Folders. Furthermore, Toodledo has a paid version and free version. Free version does not support sub-tasks, but supports Folders. So if you do not want to pay for Toodledo paid services, one way to organize your projects is to use Folders instead. This is what Toodledo site FAQ says:

"Folders are a useful way to organize projects or areas of focus. For example, you could have a folder called "Work", or you could get more specific and make multiple folders: "Work - Project A", "Work - Project B", etc."

Folders in DGT are synchronized (if you wish to do so) with Folders in Toodledo, which allows you to synchronize your folders in DGT and a free Toodledo account.

However I personally do not use folders this way and instead prefer to organize my Projects directly in DGT (they do synchronize to Toodledo but just as regular tasks, but this is another topic).
This is all strictly my opinion though.
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