Connect notes with Evernote

Connect notes with Evernote

Postby dgtale » Mon 11. Nov 2013, 22:14

This feature has been released in alpha 0.0.91 (10 Nov 2013) and its title is causing some confusion.
This post aims to better explain what this feature is about.

Let's assume that you want to share a Evernote note with DGT GTD:
At step 3. you create a task in DGT GTD.
The new task in DGT GTD gets the title of your Evernote note, and the task's note will be set with the link to Evernote (eg:

By default, when you tap on the generated link in the DGT GTD task, the system will automatically open the Evernote note using the browser, even though you are not connected to Internet. (this is a default behaviour of the Android system)

The new feature allows you to open the Evernote Android app installed on your device, rather than opening the browser.

"Default App manager light" can help you to spot the app that is set to open the evernote link and clear the default.

Normal flaw of common use cases:

device-2013-11-12-200540.png (44.42 KiB) Viewed 6596 times

If you are not prompted by the chooser dialog, then go to your phone settings > Application Manager > find the browser from the app list and clear the defaults

device-2013-11-12-201016.png (40.27 KiB) Viewed 6596 times
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