How to start over

How to start over

Postby Airmed » Sat 1. Dec 2012, 20:44

I've been using DGT for about 18 months. Loved it right away and found DGT accommodated my own "system" of time, task, and project management quite well. Although I don't adhere completely to the GTD principles, DGT is flexible enough that I can use some parts of the GTD system and still be effective within my own style and philosophy of productivity without making (too much of ) a mess in the app.

But DGT has evolved, becoming ever more useful and elegant and I have revisited some of my own practices in time management. I have refined my definitions of goals, intentions, tasks, projects, urgency, priorities, etc. I used tags for more and more purposes, until my tag list is too long and maybe somewhat obsolete. Many of the work arounds that others use make sense to me, but I can see the dev often implements features to replace some of the users' work arounds. I have begun using DGT for appointments (using a tag to identify appointments) because DGT bypasses some of the glitches that other schedulers have with Google calendar nicely and I can see my whole day in one place. I don't see that as a long term solution for appointment scheduling, but it works fine for now. I don't use Google calendar anymore due to the problems with it. I stopped using Toodledo a while back as it only seemed to complicate things for me. So DGT has become very "all purpose" for me.

So, as DGT's beta version seems due to appear pretty soon, and another year is right around the corner, I see the need to start anew with my DGT file, using some of the features that I did a good job of implementing and are not likely to change much. The folders (with the wonderful little colored balls) has only expanded and changed a bit for me, but other features and functions such as tags, contexts, and goals could use some tuning up in terms of my own use. Again, I am not a 100% adherent to the Getting Things Done system. My projects and tasks are very varied and prone to instant change, plus my own personality doesn't quite fit GTD. But some aspects of it are useful. So DGT has been awesome for someone like me due to it's flexibility.

So how does a user start anew with DGT while preserving those areas that already work pretty well?

For instance, it looks like contexts may get a bit of an upgrade soon, and I have all those colors established and designed to work with the folders and the folder colors, plus some of my work arounds for the lack of hierarchical and/or multiple contexts. I need to re-establish my goals, etc. Maybe I should just delete all my current goals... I know I need to do something about my out-of-control tag list, but what... I also really need to keep a historical record of completed work and notes. I plan to put some time into changing how I've got DGT set up, and how I use it for goal and project planning.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions, I'd be very grateful. I understand that people work in different ways and thus use DGT in a variety of ways. But other perspectives can be incredibly helpful and provide creative insight into better ways for me to use DGT in the long term.



P.S. To dev especially: I always feel, whenever I use DGT, that someone has parked a beautiful expensive car in front of my house and handed me the keys for free. Something like a new Mercedes. The catch is, this free car has been uniquely modified to make the driver of the car a happier and much better, safer driver who can go to many more places faster. The car is very unlike the generic Mercedes that came out of the factory. So the driver needs to remember that this car learns new stuff fast, sometimes faster than the driver. Thus the driver often needs to accommodate the new learnings of the car, and treat the car more like a gifted companion, than just a tool. Kind of like having a super intelligent guide dog for life...

Some reviewers have said that DGT is "life changing" for them. They are not exaggerating.
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