Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby fdr28 » Tue 4. Jun 2013, 17:22

Franz wrote:It clearly comes from zen literature :

Does not matter where it comes from. If somebody registered zen then zen(R) itself would become somebody's trademark. And it just matters how much you are willing to pay to lawyers. I guess you can make Newton's First Law your trademark if you pay enough.
At work I have to use hearing protection (earplugs). Can you believe that a company registered color yellow for earplugs as their trademark! So nobody else can make yellow earplugs! And it is true -- all other earplugs (in the States at least) are other colors but yellow! Now I do not know how they justified that, clearly they did not invent yellow color, but they did it!
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby georg14 » Thu 20. Jun 2013, 00:05

Somebody suggested a Latin name. Reading this, I has some ideas.
I thought of the tabella o tabula cerata. Some time ago this was the organizer and also letters has been written on tabulae ceratae.
Instead of cerata we can now think of other adjectives like digital (digitalis)l, organized (disponere, dispositus)
The program dgt gtd has a certain own propriate power. So we might use the participe active "tabula disponens"
From here on one might think of distab, digitab, orgatab.
To me, digitab sounds nice after dgt: dgt digitab
I hope, you'll find a solution soon.
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby rdx711 » Sun 27. Jul 2014, 11:24

I would like to vote for the following names:
[*]Super Tasker
[*]Get It Done / GIT
[*]What To Do / WTD
[*]Prime Tasker
[*]Task Universe
[*]Task Master

I agree with somebody's suggestion that the name should be unique and catchy, even if it may / may not indicate that it is a name of a To Do list manager.

Also if you can put all these suggested names in a list or something, where users can vote on names, then you will find it easier to sort the names according to votes & the users will also find it easier to suggest & vote on names (You can use Reddit, Ranker or any such service for this).
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