Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby Airmed » Thu 12. Jul 2012, 23:24

I like Chaos Buster and Do Great Things.

Mining the new name suggestions already posted:

Brain Tap

Task Tap

Brain Matrix

Task Matrix

Get It Together

All Together Now

All Done
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby Scooby » Fri 27. Jul 2012, 19:06

How about:
    Digital Me
since we are basically putting our "lives" into the app.
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby Ammo » Fri 24. Aug 2012, 15:53

I think there are too many 'TO DO xxx' or 'XXX to Do' products out there and they all sound similar

My choices so far are

Diggery-Do (Didgery-do) or variation on spelling



Hot diGOTy
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby andbar » Fri 16. Nov 2012, 21:00



I was looking for a project management tool.
Nothing I found did the job.
Only after I read a lot more about succesful methods of project management I found out about the "Getting Things Done" approach and then later found DGT GTD because I was then entering the searchphrase Getting Things Done into the App Market search tool.

But if you say in the App description that the App offers a way of following the GTD way of handling things I think you should still find it in the App markets and have an outstandig name like ProJectR nevertheless.

And this name is one with only one serious hit in google that points somewhere else and this company is not into software development, so an agreement or even silent use of the name could be legally possible because there is no risk of confusion with this one other company.

Just my cents.
Greets, andbar.
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby tomassan » Mon 26. Nov 2012, 08:44

I would suggest:


because that is the ultimate goal, not to collect a lot of things to do... ;)

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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby bopohok » Thu 13. Dec 2012, 15:42

I suggest AndDone.

both And(roid) name in there, and that's what you say when you finish the task! :)
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby Ramonromero » Thu 13. Dec 2012, 20:43

i suggest Tootask is well
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby arpad.andrassy » Thu 13. Dec 2012, 23:01

My take:

DeMesser (cuts down the mess in you life, but also messes with you - also read "TheMesser")
TaskMuster (makes sense reading it both ways: Muster or Master)
OrganEyes (seems to be taken)
TaskSlider (the design of the task counters looks like slide buttons)

Good luck,
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby robier » Sat 12. Jan 2013, 14:24

"DGT Done"
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby SES21 » Tue 26. Feb 2013, 23:07

That's quite a list that you've got going! Since infringing on GTD is one of the things you're trying to avoid, maybe it would help narrow the names down if you removed all those from the list (or moved them to a sub-section at the bottom). I also recommend you avoid including Android in the name in case you want to expand to other platforms in the future. It might help us, too, if you could group similar names together in the list.

I absolutely agree you need a better app name & I like the idea of keeping DGT in there, since I'm assuming those are your full initials. My favorites are DGToDo (a one word spelling of an earlier suggestion) or DGToDone or DGTask. I thought of DiGiToDo as a play off of Digit ToDo but it seems there are multiple companies with that as all or part of their name. It was getting more complicated with the alternating mixed case anyway...

Short, simple, timeless & to the point gets my vote - it makes it much more memorable! Regardless of the (old or new) name, you've got a great app in the works & thank you for bringing it to us! :up
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