Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby antwey » Sat 10. Mar 2012, 00:41

I'd like something quirky and fun.
Many of the best apps (and this is definitely, or will be, a killer app) have names that stand out
DidgeriDoo :o
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby iliuweiming » Mon 19. Mar 2012, 05:12

★★★★Simple GTD
★★★Clearly GTD
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby knoxvillejeff » Wed 21. Mar 2012, 00:10

Frank wrote:DigiTask

I like DigiTask. Some other possibilities: FlexiTask (flexible task manager), DGTask.
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby FerlinS » Fri 23. Mar 2012, 06:25

I like GeTerDone (Pronounced: Get Her Done) best by far.
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby Yoodla » Thu 12. Apr 2012, 11:35

I would also prefer GTDone which is still recognizeable as "GTD" (as long as no trademark / copyright is violated).
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby WoGo » Sat 14. Apr 2012, 20:02

DiGiTask or DGTask
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby RayAllen » Wed 2. May 2012, 13:09


Seriously though, it doesn't have to be that fancy, as long as it's not a tongue twister :p
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby shenlung » Thu 17. May 2012, 06:53

Get Things Done
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby rbj2001 » Mon 21. May 2012, 18:18

"DGT GTD" is not only unmemorable, but also difficult to remember, so it has to change! I think you should use this opportunity to pick a really memorable name, one that creates an image, evokes sounds or feelings, and can be integrated with a logo or visual theme. Be bold and stand out!

I would avoid any play on the term "GTD" since it's too restrictive - I'd guess only a small minority of people who use ToodleDo (or more generally just need a good mobile to-do list) have read or follow the GTD technique.

I liked the DigiTask suggestion, but then I did a Google search on it and it's already the name of a company in Germany. Some of the other suggestions like TaskMaster are even the names of existing Android apps!

A bunch of random ideas:

Action Stations
Task Squasher
Olympian To-do
Brain Soup
I've Done It!
Task Pie
Task Salad
Planet Of The Jobs
Tasks From Heaven
Log It, Do It
What Am I Doing?
A Task Odyssey
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Re: Suggest a new name for DGT GTD

Postby Scooby » Thu 12. Jul 2012, 01:24

For the last 2 days I have been trying to find a new name for DGT GTD. However everything I think of ends up turning up results on a google search. Seems like we need to thin out the herd some; there are way too many companies and software packages out there. :mrgreen:

Anyhow here are some of my ideas that exist elsewhere. Not sure if we can use them but perhaps it will spark off some other names:

  • B-Hive (B = Brain; hives are very organized with small, discreet compartments for storing "tasks")
  • BrainFood (came from an idea for a Brain Sucker mascot; it fits in nicely with the idea of GTD, that being to dump your mind of your todo's & tasks so it can concentrate on things better suited to it)
  • LifeScape or MindScape or MentalScape
  • Mental or Life or Bio Matrix (again Matrix is something that is highly organized)
  • WhiteHole (not sure I like this one but the idea of a Whitehole fits in with GTD nicely)
  • ChaosBuster
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