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Floating tasks take priority over manually moved tasks FIXED

PostPosted: Thu 14. Feb 2013, 16:40
by harningt
Device model: Motorola Photon 4G (A) + Emulator (B)
Android version: 2.3.4 + 4.2
DGT GTD Value Pack version:DGT GTD rc1-190, Value pack rc1-13

Steps to create:
1) Create a task due today w/ floating date on device A
2) Sync to device B
3) On device A: change due date for task some time in future
4) Wait a day
4) Sync device A
5) Sync device B
- Notice that the task is due today w/ modification date at midnight (kinda makes sense w/ how floating tasks could be implemented)
6) Sync device A
- Notice that it is due today also on this device

Supposed reason:
* Modification date for a floating date is updated the moment it needs to float - thus it will normally be newer than the manual modification time (unless you sync all devices w/ the floating task the same day)

Possible fix:
* Floating date changes don't alter the modification time? - modification time could be user-interpreted as when they changed the date, ignoring internal automatic changes

Re: Floating tasks take priority over manually moved tasks

PostPosted: Thu 14. Feb 2013, 23:15
by dgtale
That's by design if you have set the authoritative source to "Most recent" on your secondary device.
Set it to "Synch file" to change the conflict resolution rule.

Your supposed reason is correct and the suggested solution could be implemented.
The current behaviour is necessary in order to synchronize Toodledo. I can disable the altering of the modification time when others sync services (other that Toodledo) are active.

Re: Floating tasks take priority over manually moved tasks

PostPosted: Wed 20. Feb 2013, 16:09
by harningt
Using latest release (191 / 14) the problem is resolved :)